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About Us

Fermosura sources luminous Thai silks and other Asian textiles to make rich, subtle decorative pillow covers for your home. Fermosura’s founder, Lisa Thom, grew up in Chattanooga and has lived in 6 countries in Asia and Europe. She is now based in Thailand and wants to introduce to people the exceptional fabrics she finds during her explorations of traditional quarters of Bangkok and when traveling around the region. These include silks made on old looms powered by a foot pedal. She feels it is important to preserve the work of these artisans. 

Lisa is an experienced entrepreneur, designer and pattern-maker. She was head designer of the collaborative artist-fashion designer collective Emerald Couture, which staged shows at The Hole New York City (featured in Anthropologie’s guide to New York) and the Cell Block Theatre in Sydney. Highsnobette, the influential former streetwear magazine from the founders of Highsnobiety, wrote that Emerald Couture was “the consummate art-fashion label”. Previously, Lisa was the sole distributor of the professional skincare line Corrective Skincare in Hong Kong and Singapore. She has a Ph.D. from Columbia University in French Literature.